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Whether you need inspiration to spark your next getaway or you want some insider tips to help you fully experience the destination you’ve set your mind on, our brimming destination guides will excite and intrigue you and prepare you for your next taste of travel adventure.

A guide to the Algarve

12 May 2021

The Algarve has long been a firm favourite on the European holiday scene, and with its glorious beaches, shimmering turquoise seas, beautiful scenery, delicious food and plentiful sunshine, that's no surprise. Only two-and-a-half hours away by plane from the UK with non-stop flights operating to Faro International Airport from 24 airports across the country and no time difference to contend with, it is one of the most easily accessible destinations on the continent.

A guide to Bali

05 August 2019

Picture the idyllic Indonesia island of Bali. Home to glorious palm-fringed beaches, soaring volcanoes, ancient temples and super-friendly people, you'll soon see why Bali is often referred to as the 'Island of the Gods'. 

Venture inland and you'll also discover that there's much more to Bali than meets the eye. With traditional villages, verdant rainforests and breathtaking cultural sites to explore, Bali really does offer something for everyone.

A guide to Canada

29 October 2019

The vast country of Canada is a land of windswept prairies, towering mountains, fields of glaciers, pristine lakes and rocky coastlines. Filled with diverse wildlife and landscapes, the Canadian great outdoors is one of the country’s most alluring assets. It is great for nature lovers and sporting enthusiasts alike, with ample opportunity for activities such as hiking, canoeing, fishing, skiing, and snowmobiling.

A guide to the Costa del Sol

29 October 2019

One of Europe's best-known holiday hotspots, with 325 days of sunshine a year, 126 sandy beaches (many Blue Flag), a clutch of lively seaside resorts and a vast choice of hotels, including both luxury and all-inclusive options, the Costa del Sol is a justifiably popular year-round destination within just a couple hours' flight time of the UK.

A guide to Durban and KwaZulu-Natal

29 October 2019

As a region of beautiful nature reserves, fascinating history and spectacular scenery, and within striking distance of the magnificent Drakensberg Mountains, the region of KwaZulu-Natal is one of South Africa’s premier holiday destinations. Formed in 1994, it is located in the southeast of the country, with a long shoreline on the Indian Ocean.

A guide to Italy

16 September 2019

Picture Italy. Are you exploring the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, headed for those sparkling blue waters? Maybe you’re biting into a slice of delicious pizza, delivering flavour you could only dream of? Or perhaps you’re wandering amongst the ancient, ash-covered city of Pompeii. Wherever your mind wanders to when you think of Italy, our guide to this fascinating country outlines why it has seemingly endless possibilities.

A guide to New Zealand

16 September 2019

Picture New Zealand. Are you hiking through the forested valleys and rolling hills of the spectacular Fiordland? Discovering the dazzling array of wonderful wildlife? Venturing into Middle-earth? Perhaps you’re sinking your toes into the soft sands of the sparkling beaches? Or watching the mighty All Blacks playing rugby at Eden Park?

A guide to Thailand

29 April 2020

Imagine Thailand. Are you sinking your toes into the pristine white sands of a deserted beach? Navigating the undulating lush green topography of a tropical rainforest? Maybe you’re exploring one of the hundreds of ornate ancient temples? Whatever your mind pictures when you envisage the wonders of Thailand, you’re sure to only love it more when you visit.

A guide to Jamaica

16 September 2019

Picture Jamaica. Can you hear the sound of twinkling steel drums and reggae beats? Are you walking across pristine white sands with bright blue waters gently lapping at your feet? Tasting a mouth-watering jerk dish?Wherever your mind wanders to when you think of Jamaica, our destination guide to this adventurous yet laidback Caribbean paradise is sure to fuel desires of visiting.

A guide to Barbados

28 May 2021

Picture Barbados. Are you sinking into bright white sand on the Platinum Coast, headed for those twinkling turquoise waters? Cheering on the cricketers as the glorious sunshine beams down on Kensington Oval? Wherever your mind wanders to when you picture Barbados, take a look at our mini guide to this exciting destination!

A guide to Ras Al Khaimah

16 September 2019

Unique in its character and the experiences it offers, Ras Al Khaimah is globally connected yet authentic, mixing gorgeous beaches, mountains and desert scenery with luxury resorts all in one place. Whether you want to relax, indulge, actively explore or discover the heritage and ancient traditions – or a blend of some or all of these – Ras Al Khaimah offers a combination of activities and experiences available nowhere else in the UAE.

A guide to California

06 November 2019

The vast and diverse U.S state of California is a land filled with iconic attractions, awe-inspiring views, world-famous wineries, first-class restaurants, breath-taking national parks and some of the planet’s best beaches. Wherever your mind wanders to when you picture California, welcome to our mini destination guide to this spectacular state.

A guide to Australia

29 October 2019

Australia's eight states and territories are home to a plethora of UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites, cities jam-packed with global icons, shorelines studded with golden beaches stretching as far as the eye can see and stunning natural attractions including tropical rainforests and colourful coral reefs.

A guide to Vietnam & Cambodia

09 October 2019

Picture the enchanting countries of Vietnam and Cambodia. Are you soaking up the incredible history and culture of the vibrant capital cities? Discovering the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat? Cruising the emerald-green waters of Halong Bay in a traditional junk? Perhaps you're relaxing on the gorgeous beaches or trekking through the lush landscape.

A guide to Vancouver

08 October 2019

Welcome to Vancouver. With its magnificent oceanfront setting and stunning mountain backdrop, this exciting city is nothing short of spectacular. A place where you can swim at the beach and explore one of three local mountains in the same day, where the cuisine is world-class and the nightlife dynamic – vibrant Vancouver is brimming with amazing experiences for every kind of traveller.

A guide to Abu Dhabi

29 October 2019

The bold, sophisticated city of Abu Dhabi is a modern marvel, capital of the United Arab Emirates and perfect for families of every age. Thrilling theme parks and a hugely tempting duty-free shopping zone sit alongside Abu Dhabi’s fabulous culture rooted in Islamic traditions. 

A guide to Singapore

17 December 2019

A gateway to Asia and beyond, Singapore is a vibrant nation full of vigour and a cosmopolitan city brimming with possibilities. It’s home to a bustling Central Business District, a famous shopping street, a thriving arts and entertainment scene, lively dining and drinking spots, and many must-see attractions. With a rich culture and heritage, Singapore is a place where passion lines every avenue.

A guide to Saint Lucia

13 September 2021

The captivating island of Saint Lucia has enchanted visitors ever since early settlers first arrived on her shores. With soothing turquoise waters that gently lap upon soft, snow-white sands against a backdrop of verdant tropical forest and the iconic soaring Pitons, it’s easy to see why many are beguiled by this stunning Caribbean island.

A guide to the Seychelles

01 June 2020

If you’re a lover of paradise beaches with powdery sands lapped by azure waters, the 115 islands which make up the Seychelles are blessed with hundreds of them. Beyond the beach, there’s no shortage of scenic hikes amongst the unspoilt nature reserves, vibrant townships to enjoy and natural wonders to explore in this sublime Indian Ocean archipelago.

A guide to the Indian Ocean

13 September 2021

Picture the dream tropical island. Palm trees swaying softly in the breeze, crystalline waters lapping against talcum powder-white sand and a myriad of tropical fish darting through the shallows around their magnificent coral reef – all whilst the sun casts its warming glow across the horizon. Chances are you’re envisaging one of the dream-like islands that lay adrift in the vast Indian Ocean.

A guide to Greece

13 September 2021

Easy and quick to get to and abundant in wonderful places to stay, whether you’re looking for a spacious private villa for that longed-for family reunion, a boutique retreat or a world-class luxury resort, Greece is a perfect pick for a classic Mediterranean holiday. Find out all about this destination in our Greece Destination Guide.

A guide to the Canary Islands

02 August 2021

This much-loved Spanish destination in the Atlantic off the west coast of Africa is blessed with a gorgeous year-round climate, is quick and easy to reach and has masses to offer everyone from solo travellers or couples to families. And as often as you may come, there’s always something to discover and to delight you, whether its unspoilt beaches, thrilling water sports, dramatic volcanic landscapes or delicious regional cuisine.

A guide to the USA

02 August 2021

Picture the USA. Are you relaxing on the palm-fringed beaches of Florida? Discovering the iconic sights of New York? Soaking up the atmosphere and charm of the Deep South? Perhaps you’re taking a spin on a roulette wheel in Las Vegas or being inspired by the stunning natural beauty of the spectacular National Parks…

A guide to the Caribbean

05 October 2021

With more than 7,000 islands stretching from the east coast of Florida to the northern tip of South America, the Caribbean archipelago truly does have something for everyone. What unites this marvellous region is its extraordinary, warm people and its colourful, compelling culture, which shines through in all facets of daily life, from food to festivals and from music to religion.

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