California Dreaming

29 August 2019

Home to breath-taking scenery, a wealth of world-famous attractions, awe-inspiring views, an incredible entertainment scene and some of the world’s best beaches, California has so many amazing sights to see and destinations to explore that you might begin to wonder if there is actually anything that you can’t see or do here.

The incredibly vast, diverse and beautiful Golden State of California continues to capture the imagination of the entire world. Dreams of rollerblading along the sunny beach boardwalks of Santa Monica and Venice Beach, marvelling at the enormous mansions in Beverley Hills, enjoying thrills and spills at the action-packed theme parks, driving along the stunning Pacific Coast Highway or  meandering through groves of giant redwood trees are all part of the magic of this hugely popular U.S state. With such a breadth of destinations on offer, the best way to experience this great state and get beyond the gateways is to hit the open road and tick off all the major attractions and some little-known gems as you go.

Wherever your mind wanders to when you think of sun-kissed California, here are a few things that you definitely won’t want to miss during your unforgettable trip.

What to see in California

What to do in California

When is the best time to visit California?

The gorgeous weather in California makes it the perfect year-round travel destination. However, the climate varies dramatically from north to south and the best time to visit really depends on what you want to see and do.

The weather in Southern California is hot with dry desert winds in the summer, and more rainfall and lower temperatures in the winter (November to February). Northern California is cooler with much more rain, and winters in San Francisco can be seriously chilly.


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