What happens if the country I'm due to travel to changes colour on the Traffic Light System?

29 July 2021

Please be aware that our pledge to refund customers where there is a change from Green to Amber within 7 days of an announcement being made does not apply to bookings made from 8th July for fully vaccinated passengers. This is because fully vaccinated passengers have the same restrictions on both Green and Amber destinations.

New bookings made from April 2021 (until 7th July 2021 for fully vaccinated passengers): For TC Package bookings we have committed that if the Government announce a destination change to Amber (from Green) within 7 days of the departure date, then we will offer customers a full refund or credit if they cannot travel. Please be aware that for this policy to apply the destination should have a Green status at the time of booking. Please be aware that countries on the Green Watchlist do not fall into this policy as Green Watchlist countries are at the risk of changing to Amber at any time.


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